Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe.The country is located at the northwest end of the Black Sea sharing its borders with Russia to the east,Belarus to the north,Poland to the northwest,Slovakia and Hungary to the west, and Romania to the south west and south, with Moldova in between. Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe. At present, Ukraine is ranked at the fourth position in Europe for having the largest number of post graduates in fields of medicine. Ukraine has a number of Top Government Medical Universities offering MBBS, MD and other degrees in medicine to the local students as well as international students. All the medical universities in Ukraine are accredited by the world’s major organizations like WHO and UNESCO.
MBBS IN UKRAINE is one of the popular options for Indian students who are planning to study MBBS abroad.Since last 10 Years students prefer to study in Ukraine and most of the universities are Government universities.Most of the Ukrainian universities provide low fee structure with world class infrastructure. Though Ukraine is not part of Europe but most of the universities are located in the cities like Kiev, Lviv and Kharkiv which are located in the central Ukraine with easy access to all the European countries.
Ukraine is a safe and secured country for the foreigner’s and local people are very friendly with everyone.Most of the people are very friendly and easy going so there is no scarcity of clinical research. Most of the people across Europe prefer Ukraine for their MBBS studies due to low fees and high European living standards.
About Programs
The complete duration of an MBBS program in Ukraine is 5.8 years. The students are not required to pass any entrance examination to get admission in a medical university in Ukraine. Thus Ukraine has made it very easy for the aspiring student to fulfil their dreams of becoming successful doctors. The most popular medical fields of MBBS in the medical universities of Ukraine are listed below:
1. General medicine
2. Pediatrics
3. Pharmacy
4. Dentistry
5. Surgery

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